How We Made Your Samples

Project Discussion

Our team assists you in developing your ideas into a reality by advising on the best methods of fabrication and printing. We help you create technical drawings and "tech packs" of your concepts so that they can be brought to life.

Fabrics & Trims Sourcing

We collaborate with a variety of local fabric producers to provide a wide range of fabrics, trims, fasteners, zippers and buttons for your designs. Fabric customizations, dyeing, trimming, and notions are also available.

Pattern & Sewing

Our clothing pattern maker and skilled staff use high-speed technology to produce one sample. Every detail is always corrected and tracked, even the tiniest details, as we strive to make near-perfect samples.

QC of Samples

Once samples are created, our product development team will inspect them for uniformity and whether they meet the standards to be sent out. In addition, we will send you videos of the products before shipping and make any necessary adjustments if there are any issues.

*The bulk order price will update after the sample is approved. Here are 4 factors that could lead to a different price:

  1. Order Quantity— The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 300 units.
  2. Size/Color Quantities— A minimum of 100 pieces each color is necessary, having too many sizes may result in an increase of costs.
  3. Textile/Fabric composition— Different fabrics cost different prices. The price of the finished product will vary depending on the fabric used.
  4. Quality of Products — The more complicated the design on a piece of clothing, the more it costs. This includes stitching, accessories, and buttons.