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My Experience

I love the production side of the business like it is super fun. On the production side, I get to create something on my own, add your spice, and think what you want according to your unique needs.

As I said, it is super fun but it is not easy to crack the code of the most comfortable outfit. Dress designing and dress designers ought to be creative and will have to take care of hundreds of things (if not thousands). Especially, it is so hard to design a garment when your goal is to make that garment comfortable, cool, and trendy at the same time.

At the start, it was so technical and time-consuming for me just like the other startups. But with time, I found out the hidden corners to address and get the best in the least possible time. This is what everyone calls professionalism.

Still, I needed to go through the product for a lot of tests before getting the final production sample!

My Target

I get super excited about looking at people getting what they want. My brand offers a complete creative experience where customers can realize their aspirations and dreams.

Boogear is a perfect heaven for those who fail to find garments according to their customized needs. My wide range of products is full of amazing garments with great quality and price!!

So, if you want to bring your style language to life with fashion then start with me right now!


I am Allen Smith, the founder of Boogear!

Being an outdoor enthusiast, it is my undying passion to go outdoors and experience nature at its best.

As I love to go out, I needed good looking and comfortable clothes. I tried out several brands but none of them suited all my needs.

I thought of asking about it to my friends but guess what? They were having the same problem.

Then I thought about it and came up with an idea of launching an online clothing brand!!

After thorough research, I started working for it to add ease to the lives of those who work and hand out.

Since launching this website in 2022, my goal is to create super cool and super comfortable clothes at fantastically affordable prices.

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