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Sun Shade Sail Canopy &Tent-1


Colour: beige

  • beige
  • gray
  • Khaki
  • Green

Size: F1square-6.56*6.56'-(21.52oz

  • F1square-6.56*6.56'-(21.52oz
  • F2square-6.56*9.84'-(29.28oz)
  • F3square-6.56*13.12'-(35.98oz)
  • F4square-6.56*16.4'-(43.03oz)
  • F5square-8.2*9.84'-(34.22oz)
  • F6square-9.84*9.84'-(37.74oz)
  • F7square-9.84*13.12'-(50.09oz)
  • F8square-9.84*16.4'-(59.97oz)
  • F9square-11.81*11.81'-(50.44oz)
  • F10square-13.12*13.12'-(62.43oz)
  • F11square-16.4*13.12'-(81.13oz)
  • F12square-16.4*19.69'-(118.17oz)
  • S1triangle-6.56*6.56*6.56'-(13.05oz)
  • S2triangle-9.84*9.84*9.84'-(20.81oz)
  • S3triangle-9.84*9.84*14.11'-(21.16oz)
  • S4triangle-9.84*13.12*16.4'-(25.4oz)
  • S5triangle-11.81*11.81*11.81'-(26.81oz)
  • S6triangle-13.12*13.12*13.12'-(31.04oz)
  • S7triangle-13.12*13.12*18.7'-(30.69oz)
  • S8triangle-16.4*16.4*16.4'-(45.15oz)
  • S9triangle-16.4*16.4*23.19'-(46.56oz)
  • Stainless steel 304 pendant set(9.52oz)


1.Ideal Use - The outdoor sun shade sail has many uses: over a patio, lawn, garden, backyard, pool, deck, courtyard, park, carport or any other outdoor area to keep you cool in summer.
2.Durable Construction - The shade sail canopy is a rectangle shape with curved sides, enhancing pull strength and preventing drooping. The sun sail available in several stylish colors and sizes that you can choose from.
3.High Quality - The patio shade hasOxford cloth,with strong stitched seams and durable stainless steel D-rings. The fabric is breathable and 95% UV block, allowing air and light to pass through for a more comfortable space.
4.Easy to Use - Attach the shade sail D-rings to your structure with the included ropes.


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Oxford cloth


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Beige, Gray, Khaki, Green


F1square-6.56*6.56'-(21.52oz, F2square-6.56*9.84'-(29.28oz), F3square-6.56*13.12'-(35.98oz), F4square-6.56*16.4'-(43.03oz), F5square-8.2*9.84'-(34.22oz), F6square-9.84*9.84'-(37.74oz), F7square-9.84*13.12'-(50.09oz), F8square-9.84*16.4'-(59.97oz), F9square-11.81*11.81'-(50.44oz), F10square-13.12*13.12'-(62.43oz), F11square-16.4*13.12'-(81.13oz), F12square-16.4*19.69'-(118.17oz), S1triangle-6.56*6.56*6.56'-(13.05oz), S2triangle-9.84*9.84*9.84'-(20.81oz), S3triangle-9.84*9.84*14.11'-(21.16oz), S4triangle-9.84*13.12*16.4'-(25.4oz), S5triangle-11.81*11.81*11.81'-(26.81oz), S6triangle-13.12*13.12*13.12'-(31.04oz), S7triangle-13.12*13.12*18.7'-(30.69oz), S8triangle-16.4*16.4*16.4'-(45.15oz), S9triangle-16.4*16.4*23.19'-(46.56oz), Stainless steel 304 pendant set(9.52oz)


beige / F1square-6.56*6.56'-(21.52oz - $15.99