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folding storage box-20


Colour: 30L (White + Wooden Cover) (16.33*11.22*8.85'')

  • 30L (White + Wooden Cover) (16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 30L (Black + Wooden Cover) (16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 30L (White+Wooden Cover+Waterproof Bag)(16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 30L (Black+Wooden Cover+Waterproof Bag)(16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 55L [White + Wooden Cover] (16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 55L [Black + Wooden Cover] (16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 55L [White + Wooden Cover + Waterproof Bag](16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 55L (Black+Wooden Cover+Waterproof Bag) (16.33*11.22*8.85'')
  • 30L Separate Waterproof Bag
  • 55L Separate Waterproof Bag


1.LIGHTWEIGHT&PORTABLE:Folding storage box is made of lightweight food grade PP material.
2.EASY TO SET UP & TAKE THING:Set up in seconds without tools.
3.FIRM & DURABLE: Made of quality PP materials,large load-bearing and anti heavy pressure.
4.SPACE SAVINGS: The box can be folded and stored, which does not occupy space and is convenient for storage.
5.MULTIPURPOSE STORAGE DESIGN: Multi-functional folding storage box is different from the conventional storage box.Text


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30l (white + wooden cover) (16.33*11.22*8.85''), 30l (black + wooden cover) (16.33*11.22*8.85''), 30l (white+wooden cover+waterproof bag)(16.33*11.22*8.85''), 30l (black+wooden cover+waterproof bag)(16.33*11.22*8.85''), 55l [white + wooden cover] (16.33*11.22*8.85''), 55l [black + wooden cover] (16.33*11.22*8.85''), 55l [white + wooden cover + waterproof bag](16.33*11.22*8.85''), 55l (black+wooden cover+waterproof bag) (16.33*11.22*8.85''), 30l separate waterproof bag, 55l separate waterproof bag