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Outdoor Cassette Stove-18


Colour: White Single Use

  • White Single Use
  • White Dual-Use
  • White Single Use + Windproof Ring
  • White Dual-Use + Windproof Ring
  • White Single Use + Windproof Ring + Box
  • White Dual-Use + Windproof Ring + Box
  • Black Single Use
  • Black Dual-Use
  • Black Single Use + Windproof Ring
  • Black Dual-Use + Windproof Ring
  • Black Single Use + Windproof Ring + Box
  • Black Dual Use + Windproof Ring + Box


1.PIEZO ELECTRIC IGNITION - Portable Camping Stove is designed with a Piezo electric ignition.
2.EXTRA POWERFUL -The heat can easily be controlled by a dial next to the piezo electric ignition button.
3.CAMPING ESSENTIALS - Portable Butane Camping Stove is essential for any camping or backpacking trip.
4.PACKED WITH SAFETY FEATURES - This Butane Stove is packed with many essential safety features.
5.PORTABLE CARRYING CASE - Each Butane Stove comes with a hard-shell carrying case to make the unit even more portable!


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White single use, White dual-use, White single use + windproof ring, White dual-use + windproof ring, White single use + windproof ring + box, White dual-use + windproof ring + box, Black single use, Black dual-use, Black single use + windproof ring, Black dual-use + windproof ring, Black single use + windproof ring + box, Black dual use + windproof ring + box