Custom Private Hand tags

MOQ 1000 pcs

At Hongyu Apparel, we can produce tags of any size and shape for you and we can print ropes of various materials on high-quality tag printing. We’ll keep them for you in case you need labels for your own brand’s production in the future. We can also send the label to you if needed.

Custom Private Labels

MOQ 1000 pcs

Label customization includes choice of material, colors, font, and label size. We produce custom-made woven labels, satin labels, and cotton labels for your private label clothing companies, but we will also apply them to your garments without additional costs. Typically, the label is attached to the garment’s back collar or wherever you choose.

Custom Care Labels

At Hongyu Apparel, we typically use satin material for care labels. This allows us to write the fabric composition on your washing label, as well as include instructions on how to best wash the clothing. You can also add your private label clothing logo to the tag.

Custom Size Labels

Select several materials for your size label, such as (S, M, L) or (6, 8, 10, 12), or any other design you desire , make them similar to your logo labels so that customers can quickly distinguish between different sizes of your clothing.

Custom Packaging

We usually use blank plastic bags, but we can also provide customized logo packaging. This means that we will put your company’s logo on the packaging bags in different sizes or materials. This makes your brand look more professional to customers.


We provide all of the trimmings you’ll need, including buttons, patches, laces, as well as fashionable headwear and handbags. All you have to do is contact us and create your own unique designs; let’s bring your ideas to life.

Custom clothing labels and hangtags are essential components of a fashion product’s branding strategy. They can help businesses communicate their brand message, values, and identity to their target audience, resulting in increased customer loyalty and ultimately driving sales.