When it comes to manufacturing clothes, having a well-made tech pack is very important.
A tech pack is a document that you need to create in order to communicate your design to a manufacturer. The document contains all of the technical information about your product line in one place.

Although it may be difficult to start working on a tech pack, it is important that you take the time to do it correctly. This includes things like finding the right materials, understanding how the product is assembled, and what type of packaging will work best.

The following are included in our tech pack service:

– Free design consultation
– Construction call-outs
– Technical drawings to scale
– Multiple colorways, print; embellishment details
– Basic Graded Specs
– Point of measurement diagrams
– Bill of Materials (if you have all the materials)
– Brand; Care Labels, Folding instructions, Tags; Packaging

Price: $50-$100

Lead time: 2 weeks

We will gladly provide you with tech pack FREE OF CHARGE if you choose to work with us for clothing manufacturing.